Diet and General Instructions


My Preferences Regarding Anyone Cooking for Me


  • It is a good habit to wash hands tree times before cooking.

  • No nail-varnish.

  • Tie hair back and cover.

  • At least most of your rounds should be completed before preparing lunch.

  • No passionate kirtans while cooking. A kirtan of Srila Prabhupada is best.

  • No talking prajalpa.

  • Offer the essential prayers before beginning to cook.

  • Things to be avoided:

    • white wheat flour (it’s better to replace it with whole-grained flour);

    • white sugar (it’s better to replace it with brown cane sugar or honey);

    • yeast bread and other pastry or baking containing yeast;

    • cabbage (it’s better to replace it with cauliflower);

    • beans (but you can use some mung-dal, chick-pea, lentils);

    • big amount of milk products, especially paneer. Yogurt can be replaced with sour milk or kefir);

    • Don’t use frozen vegetables;

  • Vedic preparations are preferred, cooked with ghee and spices are okay.