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The theme of this presentation is to say NO to Maya and YES to Krishna. It is very similar to my audio slide presentation called “Atma in Transit”.

Maya is not far away, and she knows everything we are attracted to. She has an enchanting energy which is irresistible. But as long as we choose Maya over Krishna we must continue an endless cycle of birth and death in different species of life.

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The big wheel is the biggest of all rotating wheels in this material creation. It is the wheel we have been rotating from one species to another in a cycle of birth and death. In Sanskrit, it is called samsara, or the rotation of action and reaction. Until we break free from karmic reactions and become transcendental, we remain endlessly trapped without any real direction.

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This slide show contains pictures of devotee families, their altar, and, in some cases, a profession. From the viewpoint of social development, it shows how our society has developed into a way of life that fulfills domestic, social, and devotional needs with Krishna in the center.

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Here is the first of a monthly update of significant events that I feel necessary to share with you. It allows me to highlight individual devotee's accomplishment and service so they will not go unnoticed.

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Translated audio-video presentation is now available