New music album: The Big Wheel

Rotated by desire, activity, and time.

The big wheel is the biggest of all rotating wheels in this material creation. It is the wheel we have been rotating from one species to another in a cycle of birth and death. In Sanskrit, it is called samsara, or the rotation of action and reaction. Until we break free from karmic reactions and become transcendental, we remain endlessly trapped without any real direction.

The songs or bhajans on this album are a ray of hope to stop this endless cycle. 

One who wishes to be free and enter into a world beyond the material sky where you never have to die can now get relief. By the mercy of Nityananda, Sri Advaita, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the Six Goswami’s, the Holy Names of Krishna, and the Vaisnava devotees, they will give us the power to be free to live a natural life in the spiritual world, our eternal home.

Dhirasanta dasa Goswami