Sanga Groups

Why have I formed the Sanga Groups? 

It is a common problem within our society that some devotees are isolated and have no functional connection or association with others. I have noticed this is also the case amongst some of my followers. 

As we have heard, the example of one stick easily being broken, so being connected to a Sanga Group will help you feel connected and stay healthy. 

During our readings together, I could see how enthusiastic you all were in group readings. So now you have your Sanga Group, where you can regularly connect and read Bhagavad-Gita or a book of your choice. I will also rotate from one group to another and read with you again. 

When a new follower comes into the group, make them feel welcomed and part of a family of devotees. Give them all the social media contacts you use and anything else which will help them to be part of the group as well as part of the larger group of followers. 

Although there are in each group persons I have chosen to lead, you are all supporting and helping each other. It is not about dominating over and above each other. Try and be creative with ideas that will inspire and keep the group motivated and connected. 

You can find existing groups by following this link:

The different Sanga groups are not carved in stone since new persons will come into a group. Individual members of a group can be selected and taken out of a group to form a new group. So it is not a static system but rather an ecstatic one. 

If there are any further questions about the Sanga Group, please contact bhaktin Victoria on the following contact details: