"Atma in Transit" Slideshow

atma-in-transit-slideshow As an offering to Srila Prabhupada on the 50th anniversary of ISKCON Dhirasanta Das Goswami Maharaj wishes to complete a number of slide shows throughout the year. The first slideshow which is called "Atma in Transit" has already been completed and offered to Srila Prabhupada.   The slideshow takes us on a journey of life. Within 30 minutes our whole material existence has been revealed. From our fall down from the spiritual world, to changing bodies in the many varieties of species of life.   atma-in-transit-1 Arriving at the human form of life the soul becoming entangled and conditioned by the three modes of nature. Deep in the pits of material life the soul then suddenly receives the Lord's favour of devotional service and is finally returning back home back to Krishna.   Putting the show together took many months and included several stages: atma-in-transit-2 The first phase was to take professional photo shots of a drama performed by devotees from the Vila Vrindavan temple in Italy. The photo shots where done by Maharaja's son Govinda. The drama itself is a mixture of seriousness and humor highlighting the entanglements of this world in a very funny way.   Step by step many other slides were introduced of real life activities in the different modes of nature or gunas, showing how degraded one can be conditioned, especially in the mode of ignorance. Then for the deliverance of the soul we added devotional pictures of different ways to serve Krishna, and finally the soul's liberation, pictures of the spiritual world.   atma-in-transit-3To make a Russian version of the slideshow many devotees from Ukraine helped with the translation and studio recordings. So now the English and Russian versions have been completed. The storyline is simple to understand and easily understandable by both devotees and non-devotees alike.   However in order to respect copyright laws it is not available for distribution.