Book # 1 for the sincere seeker is coming out July 2019!

Stories are all around us. They are what move us, make us feel alive, and inspire us. Our appetite for stories is a reflection of the basic human need to understand patterns of life — not merely as an intellectual exercise but as a personal, emotional experience. Stories are the way to reach out to people and emotionally connect.

This book is a collection of parables from a spiritual, cultural, and multifaith perspective. The stories included here cover a wide range of topics – from courage, goals, problems, and persistence to friendship, relationship, happiness, and success. But they all have one thing in common – they offer an optimistic view of human existence. They urge us to develop enthusiasm, face up to fears, never give up, believe in ourselves and to see things from a broader perspective. To help us to understand life in a more holistic way.

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If you take the sentiments expressed in this book to heart, you will undoubtedly enrich your life and the lives of those around you.