New Initiates

Here is the list of the new initiates. They have all done exceptionally well to come this far in their journey to perfection. We pray they will be guided and protected by Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna.

  • Constantine – Caitanya Prema dasa
  • Dmitry – Dhanvantari dasa
  • Michael - Murari Krsna dasa
  • Daria – Divyasakti devi dasi 
  • Kristina – Kamalakunti devi dasi
  • Lubov – Lavanga Manjari devi dasi 
  • Olga – Ananga Manjari devi dasi 
  • Svetlana – Sri Radhika devi dasi
  • Victoria - Vraja Sundari devi dasi 


Aleksey has been working on the initiation videos from Ukraine and Lithuania and expertly put them together, and made a condensed version. Here is the condensed video of the initiation ceremony.