Welcome to the HariArt website!


Dear Devotees,
Welcome to the HariArt website: http://hariart.org/

This website is now available so that devotees can choose a painting for different rooms in their homes and feel closer to Krishna. 

My personal experience is that while traveling and visiting devotees in their houses or apartments, the walls are bare. There is often an altar but no pictures on the walls. Srila Prabhupada used the term "Windows to the spiritual world," saying that the spiritual world is readily available through Krishna's many devotional pictures and His transcendental pastimes. It is another way to invite Krishna and transform your environment, making it a more sacred place for your daily spiritual practices. 

You will notice that one individual does not offer these canvas pictures from the website. Instead, many different persons in different countries and locations are processing your orders, making it easier to communicate and more manageable transporting to your homes.
For further information about this site, please contact:
Acyuta Krishna dasa - acyuta.krishna.d@gmail.com 

Have an excellent journey
Dhirasanta dasa Goswami