Different Persons — Different Blessings

Once a great sage gave different kinds of blessings to different types of persons:

To a king's son, a prince living a live of sense enjoyment, he gave the blessing, 'raja-putra ciram jiva: You are a king's son, a prince. I bless you that you may live forever. Because if you die, you will get a hellish life as a monkey or a pig.' (BG 9.12 + 9.3 + 16.11)

To the son of a saintly person, living under strict disciplinary guidance, he gave the blessing, 'ma jiva ma jiva: Don't live. Because your next destination is very auspicious.' (BG 7.28 + 7.23 + 9.21)

To a sadhu, a devotee, he gave the blessing, 'jiva va mara va: Either live or die, as you like. You are liberated either way.' (BG 8.5 + 8.8 + 8.15 + 8.16)

To a butcher, he gave the blessing, 'ma jiva ma mare: 'Don't die, don't live. If you live, your life will be abominable. If you die, a hellish condition that nobody can describe awaits you.' (BG 16.16 + 16.20)