Krishna's Mercy

A neighbor who visited a farmer and his wife every day noticed a new horse. He said, "Now you have a horse, this is wonderful, now you can do so much more work on your farm."

However, the farmer simply replied, "It could be good, could be bad..."

The next day the gate was open and the horse escaped to the wild... "Oh, now your horse has gone, this is terrible, you have such a large farm... how will you manage?"

The farmer replied "It could be good, could be bad..."

The next day the horse was back in it's paddock and had brought one other horse from the wild. "Oh, this is very nice, now you can get so much farming work done in less time, no one around here has two horses!"

But again the farmer's reply was, "It could be good, could be bad..."

The next day the son, who would usually be active around the farm, busy here and there, was sitting with his leg up in bandages. He had injured himself trying to train the wild horse. The neighbor said, “Your son was the best worker, this is terrible, how are you going to do your work now? Especially since you and your wife are both getting a little old.”

“It could be good, could be bad,” said the farmer.

The next day the king's men came by the farm enlisting young men to go off and fight in the war. However, because the son was injured, he was exempt and avoided the draft.

Krishna orchestrates the activities of all living entities and therefore we should keep an open mind, knowing that He knows what is best for us all.